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SITR - Choreo Reh - Entire Company

Sun, 13/12/2009 - 10:07pm -- Scott Snowden
Sun, 07/03/2010 - 10:00am to 5:30pm


Sunday 7th March Choreography Rehearsal BLOC Hall Alister Smith, Carly Scott, Reh Pianist?
Time Activity Sc. # Song Page Call:
10:00a.m. Revise Choreo 1,Sc14,p67 "Singin' in the Rain" #21VSp24 Don
Revise Choreo 1 ,Sc1,p5 "Fit as a Fiddle" #1VSp1 Cosmo & Don
Revise Choreo 1,Sc10,p "Moses Supposes" #16VSp17 Cosmo & Don
11:30:a.m. COFFEE
11:45a.m. Revise Choreo 1,Sc6,p26 "Make 'Em Laugh" #11VSp8 Cosmo
Revise Choreo 1,Sc9,p43 "You Were Meant For Me" #15VSp15 Kathy & Don
Revise Choreo 1 ,Sc13,p62 "Good Morning" #20 VSp21 Kathy, Cosmo, Don
1:00p.m. LUNCH
2:00p.m. Revise Choreo 1 ,Sc 5,p23 "All I Do is Dream of You" #8a9VSp6 Kathy Selden & Girls
Revise Choreo 1,Sc8,p36 "Beautiful Girls" #13VSp11 Production Tenor Kathy & Girls
Revise Choreo 1,Sc4,p15 You Stepped Out of a Dream #7VSp2 Don, Kathy & Chorus
3:30p.m. COFFEE
3:45p.m. Finale 2,Sc14,p97 Finale"Singin in the Rain" #32VSp39 Entire Company
Revise Choreo Bows,p98 "Bows" #33VSp41 Entire Company
Revise Choreo 2, Sc4,p82 "Broadway Melody" #27VSp31 Cosmo Brown, Don Lockwood, Kathy, Dancers
5:30p.m.ish FINISH

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